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Being a mom, wife and person that takes up air, I have taken the decision to make sure my presence touches others in a positive way. I formulate, create and and add personality to items that mean the world to someone else out there.I have found a gap that I believe I could fill and have dedicated time to make sure all our products are made with love straight to your heart.

Our Company

Miss Lily Gee Unlimited to me is the gift I give to the people I love. Its the gift that speaks the words I may not be able to say sometimes. Its the gestures I may not be able to do at times. Its a company that represents love, kindness and thoughtfulness. I am proud to produce products that are staright from my heart to your skin, your hair and your heart.

This company is a little version of myself that I am sharing with the world. 


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Meet the wonderful people that make what we do possible

Lilitha "Lily Gee" Waqu


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